3 May 2010

Monday Love..Garance Dore

Ultra glam...
Beautiful illustrations by Garance Dore.
Garance writes a lovely blog and is amazingly talented--love her work to bits!

Happy May Day and here is to a loveliest week.


Leah said...

So cool and simple!

the red bungalow said...

I agree! So simple, yet glam. I'm especially a fan of drawing #2. :)

Bre @ http://theredbungalow.blogspot.com

Andrea said...


caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

oh yeah, I love her work. great photos too! xo

Anonymous said...

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Draffin Bears said...

Beautiful Artwork and thanks for sharing.
Happy May and I hope that you are having a great week.


Julia said...

So simple and yet so stylish!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Such lovely images... from Paris, like my lil' fashion blog too! Love yours!

miss j said...

Is there nothing Garance Dore cannot do. Beautiful illustrations.


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