25 December 2010

15 December 2010


Love December...
So much Beauty to look forward to and celebrate--
A wedding annivesary, Christmas, a birthday, glam gowns and joyous balls to attend,...
and a Baby in the spring!

Happy December to you and thank you for your love and sharing the Beauty here with me.

Images~1 AGlamorousSideProject, 2 & 4 DustJacket, & 3 Tumblr

19 November 2010

Beautiful Hearts...Prince William and Kate Middleton

Beautiful Hearts...
Love Prince William and Kate Middleton and that he chose his mum's engagement ring ~ no doubt Princess Diana would approve!

And how incredibly romantic that he whisked her to Kenya, Africa and stayed in an isolated log cabin for three weeks, far, far from the opulence of the Royal Palace in England.
The 28 year Prince asked Kate to be his wife on the veranda of their cabin, the Dailymail reported.

Congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton, can't wait for the wedding next year!

images via The Daily Mail.

15 November 2010

Grateful Soul...

A grateful soul...
Gratitude ~ the stae of feeling grateful, thankfulness and appreciation...
Love, love this!

Yes, grteful to the brim for you reading this.

What are you grateful for?
Please feel free share with me.

Images via here and there.

2 November 2010

Sweet November...

Blissfully indulgent...
Love, love November!
What a reminder to blissfully indulge in Autumnal Beauty.

Happy November to you.

Image via Livingetc.

15 October 2010

Autumn Shopping...

Autumn's luxe Shopping...
Drooling over the Jaeger ankle boot, Stella McCartney gold charm bracelet, beautiful & colourful Givenchy bag and a coolest LV bow pump!
But where is the coat?

Please do share if you have seen a pretty warm one.

Items via ElleUK

11 October 2010

30 September 2010

Autumn Retreat...

The Ultimate Autumn Retreat...
Would definitely welcome a weekend get-away!
A time to relax, think and play with pretty painting in mint green and sky blue, wicker furniture, retro Cath Kidston floral prints, and several tea pots...

Please join me.

Image via IdealHome.

27 September 2010

18 September 2010

So Much Colour...

So much Colour, So much Beauty...
Doesn't a colourful door put a smile on your face!

Happy Friday and here is to a colourful weekend.

Images viaAbbySharp , HouseofTurquoise, & IshandChi

14 September 2010

Love, Love...

mama's love...


Love that's stood the test of time...

Love, love these...
Putting a smile on my face this very moment!

Hope your weekend was wonderful.
Happy week to you.

Images via AbbySharp Tumbrl.

10 September 2010

Beautiful Wedding...Cherry Blossom Girl

Oui, oui, J'adore...
Love every detail of blogger Cherry Blossom Girl's wedding!
Very well done and many congrats to the newly weds.
More of the wedding beauty here and there.

Happy, happy Friday to you from moi.

7 September 2010

Headboard Glamour...

Headbaord Glamour...
What a difference a lovely headbaord makes to a bedroom!
Loving these, especially the glamourous, gorgeously-girlie in the last image.

Happy, happy week to you.

Images ~ 1 HouseofTurquoise ::: 2 , 3 , & 4 Livingetc ::: 5 ElizabethStewart.

4 September 2010


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