26 February 2010

Spotlight...Dannii Minogue

Beautiful Dannii Minogue...
Monochrome beauty ~ timeless, classic style here.
Dannii rocking a vintage cocktail dress by Atelier Mayer.
The prom-style dress is beautifully accessorised by a side-swept hairdo, statement jewellery and bold scarlet heels!

What's not to love about this combo?
Happy, happy Friday to you.

Images via InstyleUK ; Collage by Me.

23 February 2010

At Home With...Donna Karan

At home with Donna Karan and daughter Gabrielle .
Loving the holiday home in the Bristish West Indies.
Filled with African art, natural light and wood works, the home is described in the Architectural Digest, December 2009, as 'comfortable, easy and friendly'.
Could not agree more!

Hope your week is beautiful so far.

All images via ArchitecturalDigest December '09.

18 February 2010

Vintage Beauty...Decorating Ideas

Beautiful vintage decorativing ideas...
Lovely and creative way to showcase family heirlooms and vintage finds by George Krauth in his bungalow ~ enlarged and framed, an old letter sent by a great-grand mother to a great-uncle in 1917, using a favourite place or town maps instead of wallpaper, grouped metal souvenir buildings and monuments and a bedroom cabinet filled with beautiful vinatge finds.

Endless inspiration!

George Krauth's bungalow featured in SoutehrnLiving.

16 February 2010

Home Inspiration...Home Theatres

Beautiful home theatre rooms...
Always happy to be at a public movie theatre except nothing beats watching a good movie in style as and when you feel like, in the company of glamour, warmth and love at home!

Particularly fallen for the pool fountain wall doubling as a movie screen and an 'under the sea' feeling created by incorporating an aquarium in Mariah Carey's (third image).

Where is my bowl of sweet popcorn?

All images ~ ArchitecturalDigest .

15 February 2010

Monday Love...Samatha Hahn

Love the beautifully talented Samatha Hahn...
Hope that whatever happens this week, you will look on the bright side!

Happy Monday and a bright week.

11 February 2010

Valentines Special...Drink To Love

Valentines Count Down...
Toasting to beautiful love and frienship,
and to the habit of chronicling love thoughts, favourite poems and quotes!

What is your favourite poem?

Products at Gumps

10 February 2010

Valentines Special...Mesmerise

Valentines count down...
Mesmerise with flowers and perfume!
Make a difference with fresh Fairtrade roses or a wreath from recycled wood.
Fragrance ~Lola by Marc Jacobs and Falling in Love by Philosophy both sensous and graceful sweet blends.

Products: 1 Gumps & the rest JohnLewis .

9 February 2010

Valentines Special...Food For Love

The Valentines count down...
Food for love ~ black leaf tea with sugar hearts and strawberry pieces, heart and letter-shaped chocolate biscuits, whoopie cake sandwiches, and Godiva Belgian all-natural- ingredients chocolate in a satin heart box.

All products at Harrods London.

8 February 2010

Monday Love...Everybody Hurts Single

Always inspired by what can be achieved when people unite over a common cause.
The Haiti Charity Single ~ Everybody Hurts has been organised by Simon Cowell. The single (originally sung by REM), is beautifully performed by 21 amazing arts like Leona, Rod Stewart, Susan Boyle, Alex Burke, Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey and many others.

How about making a difference?
Song is now available on iTunes.

Happy Monday everyone.

Image via Slidesideways on etsy.

5 February 2010

4 February 2010

Le Love...

Oh la la, j'adore Le Love--a blog dedicated to all things Love!

Hope your week is lovely and filled with love so far.

All iImages via Le Love.

2 February 2010

1 February 2010

Happy February...

Beautiful February...
Grateful for love, magnificence and beauty that surround me and an invitation to slow down and enjoy every moment--make every day count.

What will you do differently this month?

Images--1 & 3 DecorativeCountryLiving, 2 & 4 DontForgetToFly 5 AnastasiaPhotography


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