26 July 2011

Bronze WallPaper...

Beautiful bronze wallpaper...
Loving this cool Cole & Son wallpaper, really cool!
Would wonderfully adorn the home library or an office...

Any other ideas?

P.S.  more clever use of wallpaper.

Via John Lewis

20 July 2011

The Beckhams...

David Beckham...
A dotting daddy's happy feet.
Love, love the Beckhams.
Especially Posh!
Harper is a lovely English name, just not sure about Seven as a name.
But then, these are the Beckhams rights?

Hope your week is wonderful so far.

Image via The Mirror.co.uk

12 July 2011

Summer Love...

Summer Love...
Love the long summer days, especially enjoyed now with my new baby.
And these alfresco dining ideas are so beautiful.

Hope you are having a fantastic time where you are.

Happy Summer.

Images via Livingetc


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