10 May 2010

Monday Love..Armani Illustrations

Beautiful Armani illustrations...
Both Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow in Armani.
Particularly love, love Scarlett.

Happy Monday to you.

Images via Glamchic.


Mariel Torres said...

i am in love with scarlet's... absolutely gorgeous dress!

FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

LOVE these illustrations!!...the cute and style!

Liesl :)

My Owl Barn said...

Beautiful illustrations!

georgia b. said...

absolutely loving the scarlet.

not sure about the gwyneth.

and that is nothing against g. i just don't know about the armani design itself. it's not for me. but that dress! wowsa! gorgeous! fun to see the real thing next to the illustrations!

but both are definitely two of the most beautiful celebs. just saw a photo of scarlet in a magazine today and was uber jealous at her beauty. and the clothes they all get to wear!!! {sigh}

Slices of Beauty... said...

Thank you all, you are so right, Scarlett's style is young and stylish!

Hope the week is off to a lovely start for you.

Anonymous said...

Love the sketches next to the actual product!

Emelie Stanfield said...

Not so sure about Gwynnie's shorts... But Scarlett - Oh my!

And yes, totally gorgeous illustrations.


jamaica byles said...

Love ruffles.That first dress is divine.We must be on the same wavelength as I did a post today on ruffles....they're so fun!

itslikeart said...

gorgeous illustrations! really lovely style :)

Lydia said...

The shape of Scarlett's dress is so fantastically unusual!

Lydia xxx


Draffin Bears said...

Loved seeing the illustrations and then the finished garments.
Scarlett's dress is lovely.



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