9 December 2013

Remembering Nelson Mandela...

Remembering Nelson Mandela....

...died on 5th December, 2013, aged 95.
Lover of human kind, forgiver of evil and global symbol of Love, Peace, Courage and Reconciliation. RIP Father of South Africa..

Image via googleimages.

28 June 2013

What The British Say vs What They Mean...

What the British say versus what they mean...
Made me laugh. Not sure how accurate but what do you think?

Via ACupofJo

7 March 2013

London Mapkins...

How cute is this...
A Map of London on a napkin or a mapkin.
Perfect for a visitor/tourist to the loveliest city of London, or for a certfied Londoner like myself!

Pack of 20 'mapkins' from Brown Trading Company.
Cute, cute.

Hope your week is wonderful so far.

28 December 2012

Beautiful...Solange Knowles.

Solange Knowles...
How beautiful is she!
Cannot express my joy always at sighting her -- Beyonce's little sister always manages to look so stylish and trendy yet staying true to her personal style...
The Afrro, red lipstick, naturally sun-kissed skin, the colour combo of black and white on pink, the union jack clutch and finally the sandals.

Rock on Solange.

Via British Vougue

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

OMG, Christmas is here...
Love the sparkle of December--all the lights, sequins, cashmere, well-dressed trees, smell of home baking, the turkey ..., and all the beautifully-wrapped presents all under the tree waiting to be opened up on Christmas Day, bliss!

Merry, merry Christmas everyone.

Image via HouseToHome

13 September 2012

Cutest Room Ever...


Cute, cute bright room...
I know it's a kid's room but i want it!
Loving the clever use of colour here, really cute.

image from project nursery.

6 June 2012

Happy Diamond Jubilee Your Majesty...

Happy Diamond Jubilee to Her Majesty the Queen...
What celebrations London just saw, four-day long!.
There were street parties, with people dancing, eating and drinking to mark the celebrations.
There were Union Jacks everywhere to my delight as a certified flag carrier.
God Save The Queen!

Images via The BBC & LindaBaker.


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