13 March 2012

The Marilyn Monroe Exhibition in London...

The Stunning Marilyn Monroe...
This year marks fifty years since her death in 1962 at only age 36!
Marilyn made 29 films and took part in countless photo shoots.

An exhibition of her stunning dresses, and beautiful photographs--both old and never seen before, is taking place in London until 23rd May, at the Getty Image Gallery. Admission is free!


KB {Tragic and Lovely} said...

Oh, I just love Norma Jean! Too bad I'm in the U.S. - I'd really like to go to this.

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

ohhh I adore her. wish I could be there!
I’m giving away a leather and sterling silver jewelry piece this week. Don't miss it, darling!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS POST:)and I LOVE Miss M I really like your blog and I will happily follow.

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Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

shooting star said...

i just adore her....she is everything good and bad about being a celebrity...and her beauty..she is the epitome of how to be the beauty against all odds!!



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